Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Fun!

We had a great Easter. We stayed home and relaxed instead of going anywhere this time. It was so nice. The kids woke up early as usual and wanted to go down stairs right way and discovered the Easter Bunny has visited them! They loved their baskets of cars, stretchy spiders which Addison calls "crabbies", bubble guns, and other goodies. Then the bunny had hidden LOTS of eggs all over our house and we had a BLAST trying to find them all but we did it! Mommy fixed a small ham dinner and then WE all took a nap! One of the highlights was our nice neighbors, Charles and Marliyn, brought over Easter baskets for us at the end of the day and the paper grass was absolutely a HIT as you can tell!!!

Ethan finding some eggs!
I think Addison found the most!

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