Sunday, April 15, 2007

Welcome to the WWT . . . Wild Wrestling Triplets

These kids are crazy . . . here's proof. They spent about 15 minutes wrestling on the love seat today. Why don't I stop them? Well, mainly cause they act as if they are having the BEST time of their life and they just won't stop. I can get one or two off but by the time I go to get the third one then one or two of the first ones are back up at it again. It's very frustrating and really a waste of my time. So I sat and watched and took some photos. Addison can mix it up just as well as any boy and she was even holding her "sticky papey" or sticker paper that she had just made the whole time. No one really got hurt and yes, they do fall off or get pushed off the couch a lot but mainly it's on the pillows and cushions they threw on the floor. Caden thinks it's great to kick people in the head and face. He was warned several times to stop and even told that time out was close . . . of course, he doesn't stop and that pushes Ethan over the edge and notice this is how he reacts when Ethan retaliates and pulls Caden's hair:
How in the world can Ethan pull Caden's non-existent hair? I don't know but the tears didn't last long but Caden is just dramatic; he had to make sure that I knew his hair got pulled and he showed me my pulling his own hair and when I acknowledged it and said it must of hurt, he got right back up again and continued in the fun. Wrestling wears them out too . . . so why stop it? . . . After all the more they sleep they more sleep I get! This will make a great scrapbook page if I EVER get back to doing it again. Haven't been very motivated lately and been really busy with the kids -- maybe this week . . .

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Keely said...

My Lord! That's quite a face Caden has!

Looks like fun!?!?!?