Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Not just cookies for Cookie Monster

Too Cute! Addison was eating some grapes today and came to show me how much Cookie Monster likes them too.
They are still sick and we are headed to the doctor again today. They said they would "fit us in" so that doesn't sound good to me. Last time a couple weeks ago when they did that we waited 2 hours. Today it's me with all 3 could be disastrous! They are all coughing really bad especially at bedtimes and Caden woke up twice last night before 10 pm just crying so I wonder if we don't have ear infections too.

UPDATE: We went to doctor and kids were so good and we got right in. I love my doctor -- she's the best! Anyway Addison was wheezing at first and she was telling me we may all have to do breathing treatments every 4 hours but then after Addison coughed she sounded much better. Caden had an ear infection and Ethan's from last weekend looked better. She said give them some cold/cough medicine and call if they get worse.

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