Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Project and Another Project

So I started painting the dining room yesterday. I don't do things by the rules {I'm such a rebel that way}. I never tape off -- too time consuming. I didn't even take the entire wallpaper border down just part because to me the exciting part of painting is seeing the paint on the wall. Actually I didn't even take anything off the walls like shelves or photos or even the curtains, doing that as I go too. It's a little messy and chaotic but it's always a little messy and chaotic here, we know no different. So the first color that was selected, 2 years ago in my 9th month of pregnancy was a light aqua blue which I thought would go nicely with the chocolate brown. The paint went on and I was not impressed. I let it dry, not any better, I painted an adjacent wall so I could see the paint against itself, still didn't like it.
It's hard to tell with my poor lighting but it like an ice blue, almost white and both Aaron and I hate white walls. Aaron came home and I said what do you think, "I hate it" and since I did too. I went alone to pick out a deeper more vibrant color rather. I came home with Kingstons Aqua.
Much better. It's really bright but I love color.

Next up is Addison's tooth. After school yesterday it was so loose I couldn't believe it. It's the real deal. I had always planned on making something special for teeth for the tooth fairy. I've only had 5 years but not even started. So I searched etsy and free tutorials. I used this idea with some inspiration from etsy.
This is the front.
Here's the back. It has a pocket for the tooth and some cash or prize from the tooth fairy.
I like how it turned out. 1 down, 3 more to go!


Anonymous said...

Love the paint and I can't believe Addison has a loose tooth already! But she is 5 know! :)


Candi Ladwig said...

I love the pillow!!!!!!!!!!! That is so cute!! ...and just in time :)

Penny Smith said...

Oh my goodness that is a cute pillow!
We just stuff a dollar under the pillow.
I am inferior. :)