Friday, November 20, 2009

How I Roll

It's that time of year where everything seems to be happening at once. Holidays, gift giving, extra activities, and for us 5 out 6 birthdays plus Aunt Monica and Uncle Ray's birthday. I'm feeling the stress. The stress of I have so much to do but am not doing anything to get things done. Of course that's how I roll ... last minute, procrastination, unorganized right up to the event when it all pretty much comes together somehow. I always have good intentions, had Reese's birthday ideas written down then sort of forgot about it, now it's in a week. Oops! I'm cooking Thanksgiving dinner the day before for Aaron's parents and my dad. Nothing like trying to do everything but I'm not complaining I enjoy cooking, I enjoy having Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. I even promised the kids we'd make some decorations for Thanksgiving ... big ideas, little time ... plus it passes the time while Aaron has taken on to helping people work on their plumbing ... and did I mention our tile floor is three quarters finished. I'm not worried about it. I know it will not be finished and I don't care. Thanksgiving and Reese's party will still take place with a partially tiled, ungrouted floor. People aren't coming for the floor, it's really not important.
So I'm trying to organize my stress by making lists for groceries, supplies, things to do, things to make ... once next week is over then it's Christmas .... lots to make, lots to plan, decorations to hang, but I want to enjoy it and know that is how Christmas is, a fun, magical time and last year I didn't let the stress get to me and I won't let it get me this year. A million things to do and am blogging ... that's how I roll
Happy {one day late..because that's how I roll} Birthday to my husband! We enjoyed a dinner alone and cake with Grammy and the kids. He's a great husband and fabulous dad! He's my right hand and takes up all my slack and does many things most husbands wouldn't.
We wear our emotions on our sleeves here and so it may appear to others that we don't have the best marriage but I think we do. It works for us...that's how we roll Photobucket
We have a great little family and I am thankful that each and every day!
A special {REALLY SUPER-DUPER LATE} thank you to Cathi and Roger for giving us their old upright freezer. I certainly don't "talk" about things on my blog because I want other people to feel the need to help us out. After I complained about our bread issue Cathi (who is RL friend) asked me if I wanted their old freezer. It is a God-send or Watson-send!
Look at all the bread. I even started going to bread store and buying like 10 loaves at once and when I see it on sale at the grocery store I stock up there too. It's saving us money and me tons of time. Cathi's husband, Roger, got up at the crack of dawn along with my FIL, Ronn, to bring it over here one morning before work. I owe them a huge big thank you and hug for thinking of us! And we all know it's a long over due thank you because that's how I roll...

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Ashley said...

Hey, I like your new sweater! Looks great on you! What was Aaron opening? Caden looks awful excited so does Aaron for that matter! I hope you had a great dinner together!