Thursday, November 5, 2009


Today they're five. Five. That means I've spent approximately 1825 days with them (not including leap year days).
Unbelievable. Amazing. Crazy.
I think they are great most of the time; however, there are times when I feel they are pushing to the edge of insanity only to pull me back just in the nick of time.
People ask me all the time if it's easier now that they are older .... ummmm yes in some ways and no in others.
I don't have to carry them or pull them in a wagon. Dressing, Buckling, Zipping, Feeding, Drinking, Bathing is no longer primarily done by me ... yes, way easier. Now there's Opinions, Sneaking, Fighting, Talking, Yelling, Wanting times three ... I mean four people making things more complicated. So it's different and harder in a lot of ways. I know that it will continue to get harder ... imagine 4 teenagers in my house ... don't bring it up if you talk to me, I prefer not to think about it ... I'd like to live in denial for a while longer.
They really have grown into amazing people. They are funny, sometimes sweet, excited about life, and happy. I still can't believe they've been around for five years but it's been the best five years of my life.
Happy 5th Birthday, Addison, Ethan, and Caden! I love you with all my heart and then some.


Keely said...

Happy Birthday guys!!!! Hope you have a great day. Wish we could be there to see you blow out the candles.

That last picture is great!
I gotta have it!

Love You!

Candi Ladwig said...

So fun :) They are cuties!! Reese is blog surfing with me, and she says "Wow, them people have a lot of babies!"

Chrissi said...

Awww... they're 5 already! I knew their birthday was coming up, I just couldn't remember when! (terrible memory I know!) They've grown up so fast and are such cuties!! Give them a birthday hug from us!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Addison, Caden, and Ethan! I can't believe they are 5 already. I remember getting the call at work that they were born. We are so blessed to have them in our family! Give them hugs and kisses from Aunt Ashley, Uncle Steve, Audrey and Blaine!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday!