Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just in Time

It was a good thing I made the tooth fairy pillow last night because no sooner did I place those photos in the previous post then Addison comes running to me to show me her tooth that was no longer in her mouth. Wow 2 days and it was out. She went to put it in my hand and dropped it. I heard it hit the floor. Our work-in-progress kitchen floor is not the best place to find a miniature tooth. Part cement board and part tile with no grout. I found lots of things that looked like a tooth. Finally it just appeared. Super excited, we wrote a letter to the tooth fairy. She thinks she brings toys, so for the first tooth she probably will but she's leaving a letter explaining it's only for the first one then it's money only. After all, the tooth fairy is busy and if she has to have a sub, that may not work out so well. I can't believe this is happening already, what's next ... dating????
I'd better go check for fairy dust.

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