Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Family Member??????

So here's the official news: we have a new member of our family.

Snoopy is her name. Yep, she's officially living in the house and sleeping in my bed as if 5 or 6 people in a queen sized bed isn't enough, let's add a crazy kitten. She is sweet and very tolerable of the kids.
Addison cannot play with her enough. I'm worried about her welfare because the girls carry her lots, Reese sometimes totes her around by her neck.
Reese also sits on her. I try to watch but I don't catch everything right away. She's hardly scratched anyone yet and I don't think she's bitten anyone yet but give her time, she'll learn to protect herself.
We have been pet-free for about 6 months, when our almost 19 year old cat, Bunny, disappeared, and I mean she disappeared. I think one of the kids accidentally let her go outside one warm afternoon in March. She didn't do much so we didn't notice her gone until the next day, we looked for her but never found her. Our outside cat, Gary, disappeared this winter too. I was kind of enjoying the petless life, just one more thing to deal with and tend to. Aaron said "no more pets ever!" It was his idea to keep the Snoopy.
Ethan named her and the kids try to change her name all the time but I think Snoopy is going to stick. Last night I was worried that she was sick. All afternoon and evening she did nothing but lay around and sleep and just seemed uninterested in playing. I need to get her to the vet but I wasn't planning on it until next week. So I looked up the phone number last night ready to call first thing this morning and as soon as all the kids went to bed, Snoopy perked up and was playing and running and being her kitten self. So I guess she was faking it so the kids would leave her alone. She's probably exhausted from them, I know how that is.
She is cute!

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Penny Smith said...

AWESOME pictures! Just great!!

OK, now get her spayed. :)