Wednesday, December 19, 2007


It's been awhile since I blogged . . . I hate writing such a negative entry like I did last time and not getting back to another one but we don't seem to have an abundance of time here lately. First, Reese did gain weight at her last doctor appointment. In 3 days she put on 9 oz to weigh a total of 6lbs 11oz and that was a week ago so I'm sure she weighs even more now. I'm feeding her about 8 times a day. It really isn't too bad at night -- she eats before I go to bed then about once in the middle of the night and then usually about 5 or 6 when Aaron is getting up. She sleeps pretty good for the most part with usually one fussy time that results in me holding her while I'm sleeping for an hour or two. I swore we'd never have a baby in our bed again (after the 1-1/2 year fiasco with Caden) but with a newborn it's different (for all you worriers, we are careful and she sleeps in a special newborn wedge pillow that keeps her and us in our separate places and no blankets or pillows are by her face) plus her crib has become a new storage area for all kinds of stuff I need to put away it's more of a danger to put her in the crib than our bed at this point.

I haven't been recovering as fast as I thought I was. Every night for about the last week about 6:00 I start feeling so tired and weak and feel like I have the flu. Then in the morning I would feel fine again. Well, I went to my OB to have my incision checked and he reminded me that basically I should be just resting and taking care of the baby and slowly adding back in activities. Well not that I have been doing a lot but I was trying and not resting much at all. I've had to lay down at 8:00 every night but no chance of going to sleep at that time since the wild monkeys' room is next door to ours and they are CRAZY at bedtime and sometimes it takes about 2 or 3 hours for them to go to sleep. Poor Aaron he has been doing EVERYTHING (or so it seems). He doesn't complain much but I'm lucky he will do it. He put up the Christmas tree and lights, he addressed Christmas cards, he made a cheese ball to take to his niece's birthday party, he loads and unloads the dishwasher, he bathes the kids, he picked up the entire downstairs last weekend because he couldn't stand it anymore (so you know it was bad), he's been cooking most meals when he's home . . . I can't even remember all the other stuff but I know there's lots more. I am trying to rest more during the trio's nap time but unfortunately I think Addison may be done napping as the last 2 days she has not napped even though she was in bed for about 2 hours each day. But even just me sitting down for a while helped today. I have to remember that.

The kids are just wild but they don't get out of the house much. Today I had to go to Walmart to pick up a prescription and I thought they had a pharmacy drive thru and they do but it's not working yet. So I had to take all 4 kids in by myself. Thank God, we own that Choo Choo wagon and I carried the baby in her carseat. Now it's not like I want to go shopping like that because that's a lot of work but I made it just to pick the prescription. I have to take all of them to an appointment tomorrow and Friday we were invited to our preschool for their Christmas party. I think I can get them there but I'm worried about doing it ON TIME -- I have enough trouble with that sans kids so having 4 with me if I leave 45 minutes early I should only be 5 minutes late! Hopefully the outings will help too -- they just aren't used to be home ALL the time.

The day before Halloween our black cat, Joe, died. He was 16 years at least and he had been sick for a while and we knew he wasn't going to make it. We never really said anything to the kids about him dying. We have another indoor cat, a Siamese cat named Bunny. Today I had to put Bunny in the bathroom because she was howling so much it was driving me crazy and Addison asked what the noise was. I told her and suddenly she said "Hey, where's the other kitty? One, two kitties" I said the kitty died and she of course didn't know what that meant. So I told her he went to Heaven and she said "in a tunnel? Now one kitty". Funny that it took almost 2 months for one of the kids to notice that he was no longer around and Joe was the cat that they played with the most. Not sure what the tunnel comment but it's interesting.

Caden has been going around telling us that he wants Spiderman Web for Christmas, Addison wants a dollhouse, and Ethan wants Pizza Elmo. So I asked him "What does Reese want from Santa?" He said "A paci" duh . . . which according to him is also the kind of birthday party she wants . . . makes sense she doesn't like anything else yet. We will get to see Santa at the school Christmas party on Friday, we'll see if he'll tell him what he wants then.

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