Monday, December 3, 2007

Big Brothers and Big Sister Report

Everyone is curious on how the triplets are handling being a big brother or sister. Really they are great with her. I thought they would be but you never know and when they came to the hospital to visit Reese and me, Addison was the only one who was really interested in her and held her. Ethan rubbed her a little but Caden didn't want anything to do with me or her. Even a couple days later when Aaron said something about Mommy and the baby he said "NO BABY" so I was a little worried. But when I got here they act like they have always had her around.
They want to hold her and are interested in her especially when she is awake. They tell me when she is crying and try to give her the paci and her blankets. They know some things are "hers" and aren't jealous about it. I wasn't sure how they would react to breastfeeding but they aren't too shocked by it and have asked lots of questions and I think are still unsure of what is exactly going on. Addison thinks the baby is "eating my tummy" like through my belly button. The kids seems so much older to me now. Just being away from them for 4 days was huge. They seem physically bigger and just so much more mature. It's kind of sad in a way but they do have to grow up and they aren't the "baby" anymore.

This was my first day at home alone with all 4 kids. So far it's okay. Now I haven't done much but feed them and play a little. It's 1 pm and I haven't gotten out of my PJs or taken a shower or really eaten a "meal" although I've eaten lots of whatever I could get my hands on. Tomorrow Reese has her first doctor's appointment and my MIL, Patti, is watching the kids and my dad will drive me. My friend, Alyce, is coming over Wednesday morning to help so it shouldn't be too bad to ease back into some sort of routine. Keely offered to stay one more day but she had stayed 7 days already I figured she was ready to get the heck out of Dodge even though she said she wasn't.

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