Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I'm feeling a little (okay a lot) stressed out. It's not just the new baby and the triplets but the million of other things combined that is driving me insane. Our house is a mess and no matter how hard I try to get it picked up (not cleaned, just put things away) I can't do it. Piles just keep getting moved from one place to another or something slowly makes it way toward the room it belongs in but then takes several days or weeks to get put completely away. I swear our house is being taken over by clothing. It seems to be everywhere . . . clean, dirty, kid, maternity, outgrown, growing into, hand-me-downs, waiting to be put away, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhh. . . Christmas! Every year I say I wish it didn't exist. The shopping, the decorating, the money, it drives me insane. I wish I would plan ahead and I never do. We finished putting up the tree today -- that and the stockings was pretty much all we did for decorating. I feel bad that I didn't do more since the kids are really aware of Christmas this year. We usually have outside lights and decorate our porch, then I decorate the staircase, doorways, and lots of smaller trees in addition to our big one. But since we got started so late this year it seems silly to put it up for 2 weeks. On top of all this I have about 1 million things I need to do: Ethan's glasses are broken and need to be fixed (eye doctor is an hour away), Ethan and Addison need eye appointments made, Ethan needs to get his hearing aid checked again, all kids and me need haircuts, I need to pay bills, file insurance papers, etc. On top of all this I just feel in that yucky stage of just having a baby -- no clothes are fitting maternity too big or regular too small. I feel like I will never fit in any of my old stuff again although I know it's only been 2 weeks just seems like I feel about 5 months pregnant still.
In addition to all these major problems, I've had 3 sick kids this week and my dad and I had to drag them all 4 of them to the doctor yesterday. Turns out they just had some virus even though Caden was tested for strep(it came back negative). They are doing better today except for Ethan but he came down sick later than the other two. Reese lost 2 ounces at her checkup and the doctor was not happy. It upset me too. Doctor said her eating every 6 hours was not enough and she thinks that Reese may be a "lazy baby" so I have to aim to feed her 8-11 times a day. Yesterday I got in 7 and I almost made it to 8 but she wouldn't wake up at 11pm no matter what I did and I was super tired too so I just went to bed. Today I'm pretty sure I will get to 8 times. We go back on Thursday to make sure is gaining and not losing. I was so scheduled with the triplets: every 3 hours around the clock; now I got too laid back with her but everyone who has breastfed before said go with her cues and I was but now I have to be more "scheduled" with her.
We had a big ice storm here and Aaron stayed home with us today. We did get a few things done but there's always more. Calgon take me away!

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Laura said...

Girl, I am up to my eyeballs today with just feeling stressed. Some times we have to remind ourselves that people with only ONE kids get stressed,too. It doesn't mean we aren't doing well, it just means there is LOTS going on.
You are a busy lady with all four kids, sickness and holidays going around. You are doing a great job, Momma. Hang in there!