Saturday, December 1, 2007

Introducing the newest Murray . . .

Here SHE is . . . Reese Payton Murray born at 7:50 am on Tuesday, November 27. She weighed 6 pounds even and measured 19 inches long.

Everything went great during the c-section and my recovery went so smoothly! This was nothing compared to the triplet c-section. I was even up walking the halls the same night we delivered. I enjoyed my stay at the hospital . . . it felt like a mini vacation well sort of with surgery included but it was nice and I missed the kids but they were having a great time at home with their aunt and cousins.

We came home on Friday and things are going pretty well so far. We're both learning about breastfeeding but getting the hang of it. Now I just need to get her to sleep better at night and less during the day.

My sister, Keely, has been a godsend! She came Monday with her 2 kids and stayed with 5 kids all 3 years and under and she is still mostly sane. Aaron came home every night although sometimes after the kids went to bed. She has helped us so much! I owe her BIG TIME! Her husband even drove down Friday to join us all. They are going home tomorrow and we will be on our own.

The best part of it all? We got our "take home baby"!


Laura said...

Awww! Congrats Momma! She is beautiful and I LOVE her name! What a precious addition to your family!

Jessica said...

Yay Mindy!! Congrats to your beautiful family! I too LOVE her name, and am SO glad that your sister has been such a wonderful source of help to you over the past few days! I'll be keeping you all in my prayers and hope that you'll be able to settle into a nice routine!
What a wonderful holiday you have to look forward to... And also I love your new ornament :)
Be Well, and congrats to you all...