Thursday, December 20, 2007

Oh the joys of being a mom!

***Please note this entry has graphic descriptions of children's bodily functions -- do not read if you have a weak stomach***

My new baby poops more times in one day than 2 of the triplets combined. We changed the trio's diapers every 3 hours right before we fed them. I don't remember ever having to change them in between so that's 24 diapers a day for the 3 of them. One day last week by 3:00 in the afternoon she had already used 12 diapers that day. I swear she cannot poop in a dirty diaper she needs a brand new fresh one so she can poop again! As soon as I get the last snap fastened on her outfit then I hear her go again. Breastfeeding saves you money since you don't have to buy formula but I think you make up for it in buying 3 times the amount of diapers! The other day I was changing her and she started to poop and I caught it in a wipe -- I thought what a great save that I didn't waste another diaper. Yesterday as I was changing her the same thing started to happen and since I didn't want to "waste" another diaper I thought I'll just catch it in a wipe again . . . little did I know she was going to pee and poop at the same time. I also didn't know her bladder was bigger than mine and she must hold it while sleeping and that her poop was going to shoot out at me like a missile. Let's just say a wipe wasn't going to work and I had to change her clothes and mine -- I won't be trying that again!

Today I had another great moment in momhood. Ethan threw up all over me at least 4 times in a row. He woke up not feeling well and I didn't feed him breakfast but gave him his morning milk but he hadn't drank much of it at all. He had already thrown up a little bit earlier so I had to change his clothes once. After the second time both he and I had to change again. I just put him back in PJs and I put him in his crib at noon so I could feed the other 2 kids since they were hungry and I knew Ethan would try to eat even though he was sick. I just hope he makes a speedy recovery by tomorrow morning since it's the school Christmas party. If he's still sick, we will all have to stay home; it's not fair to take two of them and leave Ethan at home, at this age they just don't understand things like that.

Well something that is a joy is the kids and how they are helping with the baby. Addison will get me a diaper and wipes when she needs changed and occasionally she will throw away the dirty diaper. They all tell me when the baby is crying because I must not be able to hear her. If I am busy when she is crying, I will often find them trying to comfort her by gently rocking the swing or softly patting her or quietly saying "shhhhhh". The other day when she was crying, I was in the middle of something and by the time I got to her someone had put her paci in her mouth. They love to hold her and ask quite often if they can. They also like to talk to her and I think when she gets a little older and really likes the attention they will be great at keeping her happy when I am busy. They have not shown one bit of jealousy but I didn't think they would as they only know what it is like to share us. She just fits into our family so nicely!

The Christmas cards are now mailed. I feel like such a slacker this year as I usually make our cards myself and add a "cute" photo of the kids. When you get our Walgreens' (I'm appalled that I did it this way) card this year, you will see that I didn't have much luck with a "cute" photo" so I ended up picking 2 "not so cute" photos. It's hard to get 4 kids in the photo so you can see them all when they are just crazy and the baby wasn't cooperating and time was running out. I'm disappointed that it wasn't better, but next year I can start earlier and hopefully get a better photo to use on my homemade cards!

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