Thursday, August 23, 2007

Workin' at the Car Wash, Yeah, Come on and Sing it with Me, Car Wash

The last few weeks of school we have had a water day once a week. The last 3 times, the teacher, Alison, had the great idea of having a "Car Wash" in the front driveway of the building. What fun this was! Okay my children never really washed anything . . . maybe that's because I have probably washed the van approximately 5 times since they have been born and never, ever by hand (I'm not crazy!). Even without doing the "work" of washing the play cars, this was a lot of fun running in the puddles, playing with the hose, and riding the toys. Addison even got in the bucket along with other kids that held the sponges.

My only problem was that Ethan thought it was fun to run away. Each time we had car wash day he would run down the circle drive (to the parking lot and the road) more and more. And I'm sure I'm quite the sight to the other parents running with my 6 month pregnant body down the looooooong driveway after him and believe me he can run very fast and I cannot. Yesterday, he sat in timeout on a bench twice then he sat in the van for a few minutes at a time about 3 times. We have 2 new moms who only speak Spanish and they just kept looking at me as I stood by the van with my screaming child in it . . . they probably thought I was mean but he is so determined and will not give up once he gets his mind set on something! I have a scrapbook page in mind about this and may even work on it today while it's so fresh in my mind. Even with Runaway Boy it was a lot of fun!

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