Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Name Game

Aaron and I haven't been discussing baby names at all. That is because when we got pregnant last summer, the very next day he picked out a girl and a boy's name that we both surprisingly liked and agreed on, done and said! Then when we found out we were pregnant this time he just said we would use those names again since the last pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. So the other night I said to him, "What are the names we chose?" He could remember the girl's name -- it's one we both liked and had as an extra with the triplet pregnancy, just in case. However, he couldn't remember the boy one. Then he said, "Well, you don't remember either." But I do remember and told him the boy name and he said "It's okay". So I don't think we are set on a boy's name. If he can't remember it, will he forget the baby's name? Probably not, but if it's not one he is loving then I say let's pick another. We do have another one in mind we both like. Boys' names are so much harder than girl names in my opinion. So we are going to have to do some thinking just to be sure and time is getting near and I really want to have names picked out before the baby's arrival and not have that as a stress after the baby is here. Oh and as you can tell we are not sharing our name choices until the baby is born. We don't want to know what people think, since I think other people's opinions may influence our choices if they say "I don't like that one or that reminds me of . . ." We are not asking for suggestions from anyone either . . . we want it to be our own choice. So if you have a name you just love then have a baby, get a cat, buy a plant, or name a pet rock and use your favorite in that way.
We didn't have a super hard time picking out names with the trio. I had an ongoing list before we found out what the genders were. Aaron pretty much had no ideas and hated most of the ones I picked. It was so much easier once we knew there were 2 boys and a girl. I really am against finding out the sex of babies ahead of time but with triplets it does make it harder and we would have had to have 6 first and middle names picked out, 3 was tough enough. Addison was a green light immediately when I found it in a baby book. We both loved it. It was not a popular name at all now I think I know at least 6 Addisons. We found Ethan's name in the Pottery Barn catalog. It was spelled out on a nursery wall and we both liked it. His name is perfect for him as it means "strong", "firm" and "constant" -- all those words describe him to a T from the second he was born and still define him to this day. Now Caden was the hard one. I liked it and wanted Kade but Aaron wasn't sure of that and he said we can only use the name Caden if we spell it with a "C" and he wasn't keen on calling him Cade. Not sure why all that mattered but it did. I still love all their names and don't wish they were any different but now we need the perfect one for #4 . . . better dig out those baby name books again!

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