Saturday, August 25, 2007

100 days Countdown!

As of today I have 100 days left of this pregnancy (give or take a few). I'm starting to get really excited. I'm not nervous about the birth, just the baby's health -- hoping that everything is okay but what mom doesn't worry about that. I really want to enjoy the whole experience too and get to know this baby from the get-go and not have nurses tell me about his/her personality or what they like/dislike as it happened with the triplets. Don't get me wrong I loved our NICU nurses but it just isn't the same when your baby is on a different hospital floor from you and it takes days or weeks before you can hold the baby. I want that immediate bonding experience that I didn't get with the triplets. It seemed like since they were in the hospital from 2 to 6 weeks, even when they came home it took forever for me to feel connected to them: part hormones, part exhaustion, part 3 babies require a lot of tending to and you don't get much let me just sit here and look at you and fall in love with you time.

I am not concerned about the taking care of the baby part either. I think I can do that with my hands tied behind my back (which in 100 days I'm sure the triplets will have mastered by then). What I am mainly concerned is how all this is going to fall into place with what we already have going on here. We have a pretty good thing going on. The kids can play independently when needed, we can go places fairly easily without much fuss, they take great naps, and are learning new things all the time but geez let's add another person in here who isn't going to be doing any of those things and it kind of shakes up "the system". That's the part I'm not so sure of. I really don't think Addison, Ethan, and Caden will be too jealous either. They have always had to share me and Aaron with each other and they all seem to like babies for the most part but we'll see. It's that part of the unknown that is a little scary but it will all work out.

I think this may be our last one (although lately I sometimes think Oh, just one more . . .) so I really want to enjoy the "newborn" part which I really didn't do with the triplets. I barely can remember much about their first 3 months at all. I was just so tired and busy. I ran across a blog by a triplet mom who just gave birth to her fourth and after reading how great having one baby is after triplets I am so excited and I hope my experience is just as great as hers. Here's her post about her gift if you'd like to check it out. I know I can't wait for my gift to arrive!

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