Monday, August 20, 2007

Finally an Update!

Sorry I if I don't blog every day or two it gets away from me and pretty soon it's been weeks since I've updated! I have a Level 3 sonogram last week to check the baby's heart to make sure all things were looking good and working correctly and they were. It was nice to check things out again too and I'm guessing that will probably be the last time I see the baby on screen ~ next time will be in person! As an extra bonus they measure all parts of the baby and were able to tell me approximately how much this little baby weighs. A whopping 1 pound 7 ounces! I was shocked thinking how huge I am and that it must be a linebacker or something. Turns out that is exactly what the baby should weigh at this stage in the game but just for kicks I came home and looked up sonograms for the trio at 24 weeks gestation. Caden was 1 lb 12oz, Addison was 1 lb 10 oz, and Ethan was 1 lb 6 oz. I was a tad bit shocked thinking that how could multiples weigh the same or more as one baby but then some triplet moms on TC helped me remember that multiples tend to do same or better than singletons. Multiples know they are multiples and have to fight for everything from the beginning (and believe me 2-1/2 years later my multiples are still fighting for everything-- arrrrgggghhh!) so they grow bigger and faster. Anyway I still can't believe that I had 4 lb 12 oz of baby in me at this same time in the triplet pregnancy. I should just shut up about how big I am and I am big but who cares: I feel pretty good, I'm not on bedrest, and not in the hospital! And in case you are wondering about the above sonogram photo that is the baby's leg going over its body and it's foot was in his/her face the whole time -- comfortable huh?

Just look at the size of that foot -- it has my feet just like Caden!

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