Monday, November 12, 2007

37 weeks and Catch up time

Sorry once again time has gotten away from me! Saturday I was officially 37 weeks. My dream come true anytime hereafter is considered a full-term baby! Last week I had another ultrasound and the baby was a little over 6 pounds which is great but I found out my amniotic fluid is on the low side. Doctor ordered weekly ultrasounds, nonstress tests 2 times a week, and me to rest and drink more. I think I was dehydrated. I had a couple busy weeks getting ready for the kids' birthday party, Halloween, meetings & appointments, staying up way too late, trying to do way too much, and I had sinus issues that made it near impossible to sleep. I don't think I ate or drank the best during that time. Today we have another ultrasound, nonstress test, and I see the doctor so we will see if my situation has improved otherwise there maybe a baby sooner than expected. I have been feeling pretty good in the last week with the extra rest and drinking but last night I didn't feel so great and that continues this morning. Not sure if something babywise is going on or if I ate something that made me feel sick. Aaron was so understanding about it at 2 am. I woke him and he said "Do we need to go to the hospital?" My answer was unsure so he rolled over and went back to sleep not the kind of support I was looking for but I eventually went back to sleep too. We'll see what the doctor has to say.

Halloween was really fun! The kids loved dressing up in their monkey costumes this year. We had a fun party at preschool and they loved trick or treating. We only went to about 5 houses and cried when we came home so we will have to go to more. They also loved the visitors at our house and the scarier the better. They would chase the scary guys down the sidewalk wanting to touch their costumes. Weird but that's my kids for you -- they love to get their ears cleaned out, fingernails cut, take medicine, baths, and scary things!

The monkey party went well! The kids had fun and were excited (a little overwhelmed at times too -- 3 is still hard with the opening presents thing). They had a blast and we got most everything done with a few exceptions and I forgot to make sure we had candles to blow out. We had a party at preschool too and then we went to Happy Joe's for Pizza with the grandparents and they had a lot of fun too. Daddy thought it was time for them to discover the game room. Now we can never go back there again but they had fun!

That catches me up to date for the most part. Hopefully I am able to come back today and update about my appointment but if not you'll know I am probably having a baby instead.

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