Friday, November 16, 2007

Still Here!

I'm still pregnant and still hanging in there. I think things are happening but then just when I think that then I doesn't seem the same. Remember I've never been this far and never went into actual labor just experienced preterm labor for about 9 weeks but that's not the same since preterm labor can sometimes be controlled like mine was so for me it's like being a first timer in this area.
I would like to hold on until next Friday anyway. Aaron has the chance to work overtime tomorrow and then extra hours on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday next week. Aaron has Thursday and Friday off which is really nice for the holidays but it is very hard on us financially. When he doesn't work, he doesn't get paid and there are no PAID vacation/holidays in union plumbing. We live paycheck to paycheck at this moment and with him having days off for Thanksgiving and then needing to miss more days when the baby arrives we could be short an entire week's paycheck which makes me nervous but we'll figure it out if it happens like we always do. I also want to hold on until next Friday because I have a scrapbook class tomorrow night and one next Friday night -- cutting it a bit close -- I know I am probably the only pregnant woman who wants to stay pregnant because I have scrapbook classes but this is probably the last anything I will get to do alone for a LONG time. Plus Keely who is my designated babysitter while I'm in the hospital is also going to a scrapbook crop tomorrow night and I would hate for her to miss that since she doesn't get to do much stuff by herself. So I'd better hold it in until then.
The kids had their 3 year check ups today and did so well at the doctor office. They love to go to the doctor -- they have been upset that I have been going so much they didn't get a turn. We haven't gone much lately as they haven't really been sick-- I think they have been sick just twice this year so far and there was only one doctor visit for Ethan. They got flu shots and Hepatitis A shots today. We talked about what the doctor was going to do before and that they would be getting shots. They did really well. They sat up on the exam table all 3 at the same time and opened their mouths, let her listen to their chests, and let her do her job. They did cry about the shots when they got them but it was short lived. I promised ice cream if they were good and they were. They all had a cup of vanilla ice cream in the van on the way home -- I know most parents wouldn't dare let their 3 year olds do that especially when they are 3 of them but it's a lot easier than me trying to get them all in a restaurant and seated and eat and back to the van. We had a couple of accidents but nothing too bad that couldn't be wiped up. Kids seem fine from the shots -- we've been lucky as they never have reacted badly to shots except sometimes it made them extra tired when they were infants, I don't think they have ever had a fever from a shot either.
I'm staying pregnant for one more week!

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