Thursday, November 22, 2007


What a nice day we had! We went to Aaron's parents' home and had Thanksgiving lunch. My kids ate nothing (except cheesecake when we got home thanks to Aunt Ashley). I on the other hand ate a lot to make up for it. It was fun and we ended up staying too long and the kids missed their nap so we put them to bed an hour early and we haven't heard much from them so they must have been exhausted. The kids had a fun time playing with their 2 cousins and it was nice for all us to get together before our crew becomes a herd!

I had my scheduled non stress test at the hospital today and it took forever. The nurses didn't like the baby's heart rate. It's supposed to fluctuate up and down against a baseline but the baby just wanted to sleep so the heart rate just stayed around the same number. Usually if I drink juice it perks up and gets going but that didn't seem to help today. I was having a lot of contractions too but that's because I was laying on my back for a long time. Finally after 4 apple juices and moving to my side the the nurse pushing on my tummy for a long time she got it to wake up some and they let me go home. I was kind of getting nervous since it's a holiday there were only 2 nurses working in labor and deliver and I was thinking I wonder where my doctor is today -- What if he's out of town????? Holidays are never a good time to be in the hospital as I remember my last 11 week stay. I certainly want MY DOCTOR to deliver this baby since I've only seen him and he knows all about my history. I'm glad that it didn't happen (or hasn't yet there's still 3 more hours of today left!)

Here's what I'm most thankful for:

these 4 people and the one that we haven't met yet. Most everything else in the world doesn't really matter. I mean we have enough to get by: food, a nice place to live, enough money to pay the bills, etc. But the time we spend as a family is the most important thing. I'll admit our life is quite stressful and we bicker a lot but that goes with the territory of having so many young children at once (and we're adding another!!!!) but it's the life I want and love. My husband is a hard worker and provides for his family and still pitches in even when he's bone tired. I'm lucky to have a "good guy". He's short tempered at times and needs more patience but I'll admit I can be the same way. I'm also thankful that I got to have a great pregnancy. Actually my first pregnancy with the triplets wasn't all that bad considering there were 3 babies in there. Many people don't get as far as I did and in the end we have 3 healthy, happy kids. This pregnancy has been really great and although there were times I complained I could easily do this again if I knew they would all be like this (don't anyone panic I doubt we are -- we are out of resources: time, energy, money, bedrooms, space for toys, and I'm getting old). Even at almost 39 weeks pregnant I wake up in the morning and have to touch my stomach to see if I am really pregnant or I was dreaming it -- I just never thought I really get to experience this. I feel like I live in a "fairy tale" most of the time and as Kenny Chesney sings "I've Never Wanted Nothin' More".

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Those are all GREAT pictures! I especially like the one with the book!

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