Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Birthday, Honey!!!!

Aaron's 35th birthday was yesterday and I thought he may get a baby for a birthday present but that didn't happen. He had to work a long 10 hour day and I have a long 3 hour doctor appointment but we managed to drop off the kids at his mom's house and go out to eat at the Packinghouse for his "free birthday dinner". It was nice even though I was having major contractions every 5-6 minutes during that time but I was hungry and way overtired so I think that was the main problem. I made him the above layout for his birthday card (click on the photo to view it larger) -- he seemed to like it. I think it turned out pretty good for only taking about an hour to do the whole thing which is like a record for me.

My appointment went well. Although I was nervous (or was that hopeful?) that they were going to tell me it's time to deliver. The baby is estimated to be 6.7 lbs at this time although it's very hard to measure at this point accurately. So it's on the small side but still in the average range. My fluid increased again so that was a good thing. Things are on the final countdown and I still have to continue my twice a week nonstress tests. I actually have to go do on Thanksgiving Day at the hospital. Doctor said the baby has been looking really good on them so far. Here's a photo of the baby actually it's 2 photos the technician had to piece together since there's no getting "good shots" now. The ribcage/chest in the on left and the head is on the right. I made it to my scrapbook class last Saturday and made a really neat advent calendar for Christmas. I didn't get it all done and had to finish it at home but I did it on Sunday. I'd love to show a photo of it on my blog, but I'm not sure if I can as the teacher Candi said it is going to be in a scrapbook magazine soon and I don't want to post of photo here and get her in trouble. I can't remember the name of the magazine either at this time but she will post it on her blog when it comes out.

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