Thursday, October 11, 2007

More Equipment!

Addison had an eye doctor appointment today. She needs glasses! Not a huge surprise since Ethan and I both wear them and Aaron is supposed to wear them. She has an astigmatism (so do I). With her strambius (crossed eyes) that she had eye muscle surgery for last December, she has one eye that is weaker and so with her eyesight not being perfect it can cause the one eye to get even more weak so glasses should prevent that from happening. I wonder if she will wear them. Ethan does pretty good now but took his almost 1-1/2 years to start wearing them consistently. Of course he was only about 5 months when we got his first pair so that was hard for him. We didn't pick any out yet; I think we will get them locally rather than from our eye doctor because it's over an hour away and if she needs them adjusted it's a long way to travel to get them fixed. I am going to talk to Brodie's mom about it tomorrow to see how she likes Shopko where they are going as opposed to Walmart. Ethan's glasses and hearing aid, all the new baby stuff and now I have one piece of equipment to keep track of!

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