Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm not a Stay-at-Home Mom!

Oh, this month is crazy! We have so much going on! I am sick of it already and it's only the 10th! My list of things to do everyday is long and keeps getting longer because I don't get anything crossed off from the day before mainly because in the morning we have school, errands, or appointments and then I think during my 3-4 hour break of the kids' nap I will get TONS done -- well it doesn't happen because if I sit down for one second I end up feeling very sleepy and nap -- like today I slept for 1-1/2 hours and by the time I was awake enough to do anything the kids were up. Aaron is helping a lot with the birthday stuff which I don't feel behind on all that stuff but my sisters are having a "baby party/shower" for me on the 20th. {I know, you don't have baby showers for 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th babies but this is more of a party and since I didn't really get to go to a shower with the trio since I was in the hospital that thought it would be nice to have a get-together and I am excited!} I don't have to do anything for it just have to get my house cleaned which I am slowly working on but I also have 3 (and sometimes 4) people messing it up faster than I can clean it.
I hope things are slower in November and then in December I plan on not going anywhere unless it is absolutely necessary. I will not want to go anywhere with 4 kids in tow anyway! Where is the "staying-at-home" part of this mom thing? Hopefully I will find out in December!

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