Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Funny sayings and some Advice

The kids pick up funny expressions all the time and when I hear them say them I am surprised and amused. Caden is OBSESSED with SPIDERMAN in the worst way. He calls him "Spiderman Web". I'm pretty sure it is both the first thing in the morning and last thing he says at night. Last week he cried because I didn't' have a Spiderman Web shirt for him to wear -- he had wore 4 of them that week and we ran out in his size. He finally agreed to wear something else. Caden is also very expressive -- he is easily excited. Now if he gets excited about something he sucks in his breath and says "Oh Goodness!" -- It is so cute!

Addison picks up on everything so we really need to be more careful with what we say around her! She is really expanding her play skills and using dolls and little people to act out things -- the things she has them saying is so funny and cute. One of her choice phrases lately has been "For me???"(with major emphasis on the "me" part), especially if we are talking about a gift or party. The way she says it is so funny. Papa Ronn was here one day and he often says "Hi Big Boy" to the boys when he greets them. Ronn was out in our yard and I opened the back door and Addison said "Hi Big Boy" to him. I've heard her say it to other people too.

Ethan continues to develop his speaking skills and I'm convinced he can say anything he wants to and probably does but he's very difficult to understand and I have a hard time sometimes unless I have a good context to go with it. His choice phrases are "I cry", "I tired", and "You alright?" The "I cry" and "I tired" are things he says when he's upset about something to get some sympathy. He asks "You alright?" when someone may be hurt and he even asked it of himself the other day when he choked on food at IHOP (ask Addison all about it she is telling everyone about it and it happened 2 days ago -- she can give you all the details you want and more). Yesterday we were all reading a book together but the kids wouldn't give me room so I said "back up" 3 times in a row and Ethan repeated it 3 times too. I was counting my fingers with him and after a couple times I said "one" and he would point to his fingers and say "two". I also heard him say "four" and "five" yesterday too. It's there . . . it's coming . . . it's a relief . . . won't be long and I'll probably be blogging to complain that he won't be quiet!

If you ever have triplets and they are almost 3 years old (I know some of you do) DO NOT take them to the pumpkin patch without someway to contain them. It was my idea. I said to Aaron "we don't need the choo choo wagon -- they can just walk." Oh what a mistake! They were everywhere and running to get places. They wouldn't stay together and with there only being 2 of us we were running too (that's fun when you are 8 months pregnant). They tried to go into places that we you had to pay for and we hadn't. Somebody walked in front of the horse drawn hayrack and could have been trampled. I'm glad they didn't see the corn maze or we would still be there looking for them. They were picking up apples in the store and eating them before we even paid and we weren't planning on buying apples. It was not a fun time at all. I got ZERO fun photos. I'm glad we already had pumpkins at home so we didn't have to take them out into the patch and pick some. I had a jealousy moment too where I saw this cute little baby probably about 6-7 month old dressed in cute clothes and a "bat hat" sitting among a pile of pumpkins and not one, not two, but three people (the mommy and 2 grandmas) were all standing there snapping photos. And here's me running and screaming one kid's name while carry the 4th child in my belly and trying to figure out where Aaron is and if he has one or two kids. Oh, I bet we were a sight!

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