Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Two Big Brothers and A Big Sister

Here's how we shared the baby news with most people: I got the kids these Big Brother/Big Sister shirts. It's funny how some people notice them right away and others don't notice them at all. The funniest had to be Papa Ronn. After more than an hour of being around the kids someone pointed out the monkey on her shirt and he said "I thought Caden liked Monkeys" . . . five minutes later after the subject has been changed, out of nowhere he says "Did her shirt say she is going to be a big sister?" It was very funny.

So this is how nice and clean my children are after I spend $45 on shirts for them. This is also why I buy all our clothes on clearance at Walmart, Kmart, and Target and never spend more than $3 on one item. The kids have worn these shirts 4 days in a row now to spread the news and I have washed them 4 times. I think we've gotten our use out of them. I think I have used a whole bottle of spray and wash on them already.

School is still going well and today we had a field trip to the park. It started to sprinkle after 40 minutes so we all headed to our cars so we didn't get drenched in a downpour but it was fun. Tomorrow is a field trip to a farm but it's supposed to rain so it might get post phoned but it sounds really fun!

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