Friday, May 4, 2007

Our New Toy!

Last weekend we bought the kids a swingset. Our yard isn't very big and we have tons of toys and a large sandbox but they love to climb and play outside so we thought this was a good investment that would bring many hours of fun. It took Aaron all of Sunday afternoon to put it together while the kids were napping. I finally had to wake them up and they were a little grumpy from spending the night with their grandparents and not getting a nap the previous day. Addison was not happy unless she had all her "boos", Monster, and Bunny.
We only bought one toddler swing and boy, was that a mistake. They are still fighting over that. They aren't cheap and I can't imagine that they will be needing them for that long so we are trying to make do for now. If somebody knows of swings that are like the plain flat regular ones but have a little bit of a back on them that would be much more appropriate for my kids at this age -- please let me know. I tried to look for
them on the Internet but had no luck. They have played on the new swingset several days now and the slide has become quite popular. They can all climb up the slide but Addison and Ethan seem to "fly" down the slide really quickly but they'll learn to slow down soon. It has been super nice here the last few days and we grilled out two nights in a row and ate outside. The kids really enjoyed that and so did we! We hope to get some more use out of swing this weekend as my sister,Keely, (who just had the baby) and her family are visiting. Jackson hasn't gotten a swingset yet so hopefully he'll get warmed up on ours. Keely is dying to get out a little and she and Jeremy went out to eat tonight by themselves while we watched all FIVE kids and tomorrow I am taking her to Scrapaganza in the Quad Cities so she can shop do a little scrapbook shopping. She's very anxious to get some pages of Jeffrey completed and I don't blame her -- he's adorable and growing already!

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