Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yes, I'm 3!

Here's a regular quote from my 3 year old: “I CAN do it MYSELF!”  I, too, feel like I need to scream that announcement at this time.   I can do almost anything on my own and I want to do it myself.  I don’t usually need people to help me. I love doing things on our own  and prefer it that way. I am not looking for problem solvers or decorators or social events planners or financial managers or nannies (or so maybe now and then I need a babysitter) or life coaches or decision makers or therapists or personal shoppers…. I’m not trying to be superwoman or supermom or super anything. I’m just being me. I am a very independent person (just ask my husband). I like to do things on my own at my last minute pace which is how I work best. I very seldom jump into anything, big or small, without a long thought process to weigh everything out, and I can say that I hardly ever regret anything. I’ve run across people who find my independence a fault or view it in a negative way. What can I do about that? Nothing ….. I’m just going to keep on truckin’.  And I do understand that people are just trying to be nice by offering, but they should not be offended when their offer is declined: "Thanks, but no thanks!"  So at this moment in my life when I feel our plate is very FULL … well maybe it has overfilled at this point and it's making one big giant mess on the floor  ….. I still want to keep being me and doing it on our own. The ending accomplishment makes us happy! When we need help, we will ask. Until then you will keep hearing me say or possibly yell, “I CAN do it MYSELF!”

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