Saturday, May 28, 2011


I'm REALLY into lists.  In February when we decided we needed to get serious about buying a different house (we've only talked about it for 5 years), I sat down and made this huge list of all things we need to do to sell this house. 
Aaron made fun of me for making a GIANT list but I said if we wrote on a small paper we'd lose it and if we don't have a list we will forget what needs to be done. We've accomplished a lot on the list and as soon as he is finished with this temporary job, I think we will be able to finish this up in a reasonable amount of time.

The kids and I brainstormed for our summer list.  This is all the things that Aaron and I (or just me) want to do with the kids.  It makes us keep "fun" in our summer.  With so much still to do at the farm and all the work on the new house, I didn't want the summer to slip by and realize we hadn't done much family stuff.  The kids are excited (and so am I).

I so overwhelmed by the BIG house that I want to make a list but where to begin is the question.  And truthfully I can't make a list by myself; it's something that Aaron and I need to be on the same page.  If I ever see him again, maybe we can make a list.  Here's my start:
Seriously that says it all, if I wrote down everything it would be a novel.  I think we need to think first things first.  If we could get some electricians over to look at our wiring that would be a good start.  It's so overwhelming.  I need a foreman over there to boss me .... that will where my hubby steps in next week, I hope.

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Congratulations on buying a new house! You inspired me to make a summer to do list with my kids. :) Hopefully, we can get it all done! It's easy to get overwhelmed with redoing a house and unfortunately I probably didn't handle ours very well!