Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Last Day

This is the kids last day of school.  As usual I feel like I should spend that very last day doing something just for me, like have a spa day.  But I don't see that happening on any last days of school around my house.  It's so busy with programs and trips going on at school.  Then add to the fact that I have sick one here.  Ethan has an ear infection and bronchitis.  I am referring him to as Neb Man. 
We've never done nebulizers at our house, much to my doctor's surprise.  The nurse warned that most kids don't like the mask and they never put the mask on just hold it up to their face.  Not Ethan, he's all about wearing the mask and even wants to have it on his person at all times by carrying it around in a bag.  He's missed the entire last week of school.  All the fun stuff happens then, I feel bad that he missed it but he doesn't know and doesn't feel like doing anything either.
I was able to sneak away yesterday to see Caden and Addison in their Mother Goose Plays:

Caden was Old King Cole.

Addison was Jill from Jack & Jill:
There were so cute.
So no spa day for me today.  On the agenda instead is:
*Giving the Neb Man his treatments every 4 hours.
*Cleaning up our house.  Every since I had to give up the cleaning lady in January when Aaron got laid off, my house hasn't been completely cleaned.  When I had my cleaning lady, I picked up everything every 2 weeks, now it's so out-of -control plus doing home improvement projects makes it impossible for us to keep things in order.  I have to get it cleaned up today because these children of mine are going to help keep it clean this summer and we should start with a clean slate.  (I cringe to think we own 2 houses right now and once we begin moving stuff we will have 2 messy houses)!
*Take a shower .... I don't think I've had time yet this week!
*Clean out my purse, I think someone put a cookie or two in there and they are crumbled to pieces.
*Think about teacher gifts ..... we go back to get our report cards on Friday.  I sure do think all the teachers my children had were fabulous and I want to thank them for all their patience and hard work!
*Laundry .... there's always laundry here.
*Work on my summer school program.  Yes, we are doing school work here this summer almost every single weekday.  We have to, so skills aren't lost.  I'm including fun snacks and art projects, games and computer time so it won't be that bad.  My kids are also going to have jobs and I'm implementing a rewards program for their schoolwork, jobs, and behavior. 

Looks like I better get going on my day, summer will be here in 4.5 hours!

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