Thursday, July 1, 2010

His Last Crop

On Wednesday, Paul called me and said he was cutting Dad's wheat.  He had 20 acres this year.  Paul had told me that he'd call and see if we wanted to come and ride along for a bit. 
I did!  I think Dad only had me ride in a tractor once or twice that I can remember.

In Paul's BIG combine, all 5 of us fit, so with Paul that was 6 people ... that maybe a world record, I believe. 

Here's the best photo I could get from the inside.  The big windshield gives you a great view.  We went up and back once and Addison wanted to get out. I was going to stay with her while the other kids rode with Paul but when I got out they all wanted to get out.  Since it was the end of the day they were tired especially Reese who hasn't had a real nap in weeks.  So we got out.  I was a bit disappointed they didn't want to ride more. 

Then Aaron came and Reese and the boys rode with Aaron and Paul  while he cut the rest of the field.  Reese fell alseep.
Addison and I hung back.  Then Trudy and Mallory came and we talked for a while. Addison found lots of pretty wild flowers {weeds}.

Addison calls Mallory, "Trudy's sister". 

I'm not the "mamarazzi" anymore ... not I'm the "farmarazzi" with all the photos I am taking of machinery and buildings and farm related stuff.  I'm sure Trudy has never seen anyone take as many photos of people farming as me and my sisters.  Too bad we didn't do it while Dad was farming.

Here's Dad's wheat in the semi truck.  It filled the front half.
Thanks to Paul, all the wheat is now done.  I even got to ride again.  Paul knew I wanted to ride, he said something about it being Dad's last crop and it was nice that I was there while he cut it.

I picked some of the wheat and took it to the cemetery and placed it on Dad's grave.  I know he is happy that it's done and that Paul was the one to harvest it for him.  It's hard knowing that part is over and I'm a little sad about it today .... but like Keely said, "Life goes on ...." even when you don't want it to. 


Keely said...

Thanks for taking pictures. Wish I could have been there...that was a really nice idea to take some to Dad. It's all just slowly slipping away.

Ashley said...

Great pictures and I love the song.

Penny Smith said...

WOW! This is awesome!