Friday, June 25, 2010

A Farm Tour

Last Sunday we were lucky enough to get another fun farm tour.  We interrupted Paul and Mallory's hard work but they were patient enough to let all the kids gather old eggs.  Some people don't know about the fragile-ness of eggs yet when putting them into a bucket.

All the kids were lined up, in front of the Wilbur the Pig's pen.  Wilbur eats eggs like jellybeans as Paul describes it ... that is if Jellybeans are all gooey inside like eggs.  The kids love watching Wilbur gobble up the eggs as much as Wilbur enjoys eating them.

Look at all those smiles!
Then we were able to feed the timid cows.
And Mallory showed us Snickers the horse.  Reese remembered the Snickers' name and I asked her was the smaller horse's name was and she said "Little Snickers" which is funny but it's name is Cowboy.
Jumping on the hay bales and finding hidden eggs in the barn was fun too.

Then we went down to the other farm and to see a calf and some other cows. 
And a goat named Barb.
Ethan felt the cattle were extremely hungry ..... won't be long and he can help with chores.
Another special treat was getting a ride in a HUGE combine.  Look they all can fit up there. 
Won't harvest time be fun?  Probably depends on who you ask.

Our kids think the farm is great just like the people who own it!
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