Monday, July 12, 2010

A Little R&R

We decided we needed a small break from farm work and a little family time this weekend.  So Sunday we gave ourselves the "day off".  We took the kids to Empire Park in East Moline.  It had a big wooded play structure with lots of mazes and other fun things to play on. 
As always Ethan spent a lot of time on the swings ... some things never change.
We got some ideas for our giant tire pile at home ....
This tire path was a real favorite for Ethan and Reese.

It was by the Mississipppi River and we walked down to take in the view.  We saw "herds" of tadpoles sunning themselves where the light was hitting the water.

We were starving so we headed to our favorite restaurant, Red Robin.  Everyone ate well and was happy.

Later in the day, we went to the Monmouth Swimming Pool with the Mother 2 Mother group.  I joined this group back in January but have never made it to one event yet for one reason or another.  They were having a family swim for a couple hours.
The kids were so excited when I told them we were going.  This is quite the change from our blow up pool in the back yard.
It was a little chilly but not too bad once you got in. 
Ethan would rather walk the length of the "baby" pool a thousand times then get in the big pool.  It was only 2 foot deep in the shallow end of the big pool.  He came in there a few times but pretending you are swimming by walking on your hands is big on his list.
Aaron took Addison over to the diving board where she jumped off no problem.  Caden and Addison also went down the little slide a bunch.  Ethan and Reese were going to also until they got up to the top of the ladder then changed their mind.
She put her head under the water and swam quite a few times.
And look who learned to float with her floaties on.  She was loving the water espeically the deep part where she could still reach.  It was a nice day of fun family time .... and the kids slept really good!

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