Saturday, February 20, 2010

I love scrapbooking kits

I have a thing about scrapbooking kits .... and I am seriously considering stopping buying any separate scrapbooking products and just buying kits. I love the mix of products and manufacturers and it's a challenge to try to use products together that I normally wouldn't combine myself. The Story Matters is my newest kit. They just started and I have already made 3 layouts with it (you can see them here and here). They had a sketch challenge on their blog this month and here's my take:
I have plenty of stuff left to do more now I just have to find the time which is actually the biggest challenge of all.


Kim said...

I am with you about kits...I get 3 a month, including The Story Matters. I am with you about individual product....I get so much done with a kit. Love the layout!

meganklauer said...

Mindy, you ROCKED this kit! Another awesome layout!

Marion said...

Another awesome layout! I love your work!
I have thought about just buying kits too, but my resolve is not too good... I do get four kits each month (including The Story Matters) so I do get quite a lot of stuff, but I always see things I need besides plus you never know what they will be sending you and I have to have it right away... instant gratification is my middle name.

Penny Smith said...


You do have the knack! You just rock it out!!

Angela said...

Love the TSM layout!! Awesome!!