Thursday, February 11, 2010

Clipping .... errrr Creating Away

This week has been one busy week.
We have been working away
making valentines
that would be 114 total valentines
She couldn't be left out!
We made 3 valentine boxes for preschool that coordinate with our homemade valentines.
In between creating times, we make the kids do push ups
and I like to chase them around with rolls of paper.
I squeezed in another layout from The Story Matters {first} kit when I was supposed to be cleaning. I even used the distressing powder that I know nothing about -- it's the houndstooth, a 25 cent stamp I bought at Michael's. I am not a good stamper so the distressing powder "hides" my mistakes and there's many.

I made one camera strap for my etsy shop .... more to come next week ... I hope.
I am almost done with a custom rag quilt .... I always forget about how much clipping there is to do ....
I'm taking a break by blogging instead of clipping.
Aaron got creative with his parenting skills one day when Ethan refused to get dressed so he threatened to let Reese wear his clothes and he followed through so then Ethan put on Reese's clothes
isn't this the perfect "embarrassing" photo for when he's a teenager?
Oh and did I mention we're going to my sister's house tomorrow so I can go to a crop at the store she works at. I haven't begun to pack anything, I have cookies to make, and a layout to make for a challenge for the crop ..... better get to creating or clipping or something.



I don't know how you get so much done! I love the valentines; I cheated and bought Landon's for his preschool. :)

Christine M. said...

Oh my gosh, I love all the craftiness going on with this post! You're Valentine's Day projects are adorable..I kind of think they're more creative than mine..laugh. I'm totally inspired.

Penny Smith said...

OK-your making the rest of us moms that got dollar store bags and used left over hallween candy look BAD!!!

LOVE the layout!! WOW! That was a great idea!!!!!

Kim said...

loved your handmade valentines and boxes...i hope you had a good time scrapping....did you scrap at CreekBank Creations? I love those your sis still working for them? Hope you had fun

Kim said...

P.S. Love the camera strap and the houndstooth stamp with distressing powder! you rawk!

Candi Ladwig said...

I love your valentines!!! Too cute!! I love that you do each to fit their personalities :) Are those adhesive runner gears on the one?? So cute :)

You are ROCKING The Story Matters!! I really like the swing layout! I love this one with the stamp! I have that same stamp and was thinking on a pink and black page it would be great... but now you changed my mind!!

I'm still getting a camera strap from you!! Just going to be after I get back from vacation. I will use this one out :)