Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thanks, Papa!

Papa Ronn came to play in the snow today. These kids need to get out of the house and get rid of some of that energy -- we are all going stir crazy! None of us have gone anywhere since the weekend. They stayed out almost 1-1/2 hours! Too bad the snow wasn't good for making snowmen or snowballs but they kept picking up chunks of snow and throwing it. Papa made a "hill" for sledding and the boys thought it was funny to knock it down. They also wanted to swing which was tricky when they are wearing slick snowpants and sitting on an icy swing. They had a really good time! Papa was right about them being tired too I put them down for their nap and I haven't heard a peep from them. Usually Caden and Addison are up and down the stairs about 23 times each and I normally hear them running around too. They are worn out -- I just need to schedule play time like this everyday!

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joan said...

I think Papa Ronn is a great grandpa!!You are fortunate he is so hands on with the children....and I know they adore him!!

My Dad was that kind of grandpa to my children and now that they are in their forties, most of their fondest memories of childhood circle around their grandpa!

I think of that verse from Psalms, "an old man's delight is in his children's children" Of course I change it to "old ladies" as my delight is also in my grandchildren!!

Your children are fortunate and I kow that "Papa" adores his time with them also.

Bless you all--all children should have "hands on" grandparents!! Yours are indeed, fortunate.