Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Nice Long Visit

My sister, Keely, came with her two boys, Jackson and Jeffrey, and her 2 dogs to stay with us on Tuesday. Her husband was out of town for work for the week and she planned on going home on Thursday night but because her town, Catlin, received about 12" of snow she ended up staying until Saturday morning. All went well. We had a great time! The kids got along really well for the most part and 9 month old Jeffrey slept pretty well while he was here. We went to playgroup, had our dad come visit, ate out at McDonald's, and even played in the snow. Aaron pulled all the kids around on the sled. This was Jackson's first time in the snow and he had fun. I think they stayed out almost 45 minutes and Keely's dogs loved the snow as much as the kids. Keely and I scrapped some. I got a couple pages finished that I had started previously. We had some rocky moments too. It seems like the witching hour is from about 5 to 7 here. For some reason, Aaron was always gone during this time and things just seemed out of control. We had kids crying, fighting, throwing fits, getting into stuff, telephones ringing, smoke alarm going off because I caught a oven mitt on fire, all the while Addison stuck a raisin WAY UP her nose and we were trying to remove it with tweezers -- and that was just one night like that -- there were more. But we survived. The funny thing was even with both of us here all day we both still didn't get showered every day and when we did it was like 3:00 and Reese never did get out of her jammies on Friday. We spent a few hours looking for Jeffrey's paci too and never did find it while they were still here. Keely thought she must have thrown it away. Luckily I had extra ones for Reese but you know paci's are a very personal thing and he didn't like hers as much as his own. Aaron and I finally found it today in the bed of Mac Truck from Cars. I think Jeffrey put it there himself. Here's some fun moments from their visit:

Jeffrey using Reese as an arm rest.

Jackson and Caden playing in the "snow" at playgroup.
Jeffrey, Reese, and Addison hanging out.

Snacktime for Ethan and Jackson.
Jeffrey and Ethan playing with the dog kennel.

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