Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Heart Day and Creative Juices

We have been busy around here creating! The kids made their own valentines for their school party . . . well, that was the plan until we went to buy the paper and Caden's ever-searching eyes for Spiderman Web discovered a box of Spiderman valentines so he had to get them. I wasn't going to give up on him "making" his valetines so I had him glue his store bought ones onto hearts I cut out. Addison stamped butterflies with hearts and Ethan made thumbprint hearts for his cards.

We made Kiss cookies too. They are getting quite good at helping me bake and cook. It was fun to unwrap the kisses but they would "forget" and put the kiss in their mouth instead of the bowl a lot. Addison even remembered some ingredients when we were telling Daddy later that night she said "flour and butter" which is right and pretty good. Of course, eating was the best part -- they don't eat the cookies they only eat the kiss off the top.

I made these valentines to give to the Grandpas and Grandmas.

I made this little book for Papa Ronn for taking them out in the snow.

We have been busy around here lately but now I must take the time to mop up all the creative juices -- they tend to overflow!

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