Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In my PJ's at 3:40 pm or why I don't have a "paying" job

I subbed for first grade today ... the whole day.  I started that this year and I like it but I'm low man on the totem pole and I don't get called a ton and mostly I've done half days.  Today was different and I KNOW why I don't go back to teaching on a everyday basis. 
*My children did not get out of bed until 7:30.  Normally they are up before 7 not today.  I had planned on leaving at 7:40 ... that did not happen.
*My cleaning lady was coming today which means I have to have all the clutter put away ... did that yesterday but I also need to have as much as possible off the floor so she can mop.  So this morning most of that had to be done.
*I didn't eat breakfast .... I had planned too and I wasn't worried about feeding my children because they were eating breakfast at school but instead they all insisted on cereal bars and bowls of cereal which meant I got zilch.  I gobbled down my school lunch hot dog and peach half like it was a Thanksgiving feast.
*Getting everyone ready for the day even though I laid out all our clothes the night before is extra stressful when I WANT to be at school and see what I need to do.
*I am exhausted  .... and I wore the wrong shoes so my feet hurt.  It was 3:40 pm when I put my PJ's on.
*I have $15 left over out of my sub pay after paying Reese's sitter and the cleaning lady.  That won't even cover the pizza we are going to order because I'm too tired to cook.
*Working with the kids even subbing is rewarding, I do love that part ... but thank goodness, I don't have any papers to grade or lesson plans to write. 
The main reason I don't get an outside job is right here
my family is the most important thing to me!

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S Glup said...

That's beautiful and so very true...life is short and our babies grow up way too fast....you have a beautiful family...hope yuou all are blessed with an awesome year.

Sheri G