Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Monster of a Party

A week ago we had the BIG #6 party for Addison, Ethan, and Caden.  It takes me this long to recover to post any photos.  Our theme was monsters. Here's the decor and food:
Here's the birthday kids with their shirts I made them:
Here's some pics of our games and activities:
We made monsters with foam stickers, played pin the eye on the monster, read The Tickle Monster book, had a monster stomp relay, and a monster pinata.  I think all 14 kids had a good time.
Here's the birthday kids blowing out their candles:
There are very few photos of the gift opening part ... which is extremely chaotic and I never see most of the gifts.  I am still finding things and saying "where did we get this?"  They loved their party and I love doing it.  Although I'm not so good on the clean-up part .... we still have some decorations still hanging up.  They will be coming down very quickly as Reese turns 3 in a couple weeks and we are already working on her party:
She's a good helper!



Could I hire you for my kids' birthday parties? I am not kidding! Everything looked great!!!!

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