Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas is in the Air

The advent calendar is up, the order has been decided (reverse birth order), and they are asking me every second of everyday if it's time to do the stocking.
Elfie has returned and he brought us a treat yesterday.  We had a hard time locating him this morning as he was up high in the dining room.  Reese keeps calling him Sophie and Healthy.  I don't care what they call him as long as they remember they need to be extra good during this magical time of year.

Reese helped (watched) me put up our tree and put the lights on it.
The kids helped decorate the tree wtih the exception of Ethan.  He left as soon as he tried to sneak off with Aaron's antique family reindeer ornament and I snatched it away. 
We had some fun with the timer on the camera ... and I got some cute smiles.
The tree is done minus the star and tree skirt.  I like to do things in sections so tomorrow I'll bring out some more stuff.  I'm starting to feel in the Christmas spirit a bit and maybe this weekend I'll start thinking about shopping and making my gifts .... I got plenty of time!

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Kim said...

I am like you and want to do a little decorating at a took me all last week, but the house is now decorated! Love the tree...