Friday, April 2, 2010

Too Much Fun?

Yesterday was the kids' first day of spring break.  So I thought we'd have tons of fun.  I made bunny pancakes and sausage.  Then we headed to do a bit of shopping then they wanted to see the Easter Bunny but he sleeps in so he wouldn't be at the mall until noon so we loaded back up in the van and off to the park to play for over an hour.  I also made them trek over to the lake.  It's a ways to walk but they need to get wore out.  I thought we'd get subs and have a picnic lunch since it was so nice but they wanted McDonalds so I indulged.  Then back to the mall where we saw the Easter Bunny.  Reese was terrified and they wouldn't let me take any photos unless I bought a minimum purchase and I had left my purse in the van so no photos.  Then I needed a couple things at the grocery store.  Ethan didn't want to go at all.  He screamed all the way in and fought with Reese through the entire trip.  We got home which was followed by more complaining and crying and fighting.  So I decided let's do a really messy art project.  Then they played outside with the neighbor kids for a few hours and by 7 all of them were dirty and way over tired.  They went to bed at 8:20.  No staying up late.  I had enough of it all.  It was too much to do in one day.

Today we're taking it easy.  Everyone (including me) is much calmer and happier!
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