Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mickey .... We're gettin' ready

Won't be long and we'll be visiting the Big Mouse at his house.  The kids are so excited.  I'm trying to get ready but I still need to finish my lists of what to buy, what to pack, what we're going to eat, etc.  Our tickets came the other day .... that made it REAL (Reese doesn't have a ticket since she's under 3, she's "free"). 

I made these bags for the kids to keep their autograph books, pen, and other souvenirs they acquire.  The plan is to have them carry their own bags.  I made the straps long enough to go across their body like a satchel.  They love them, they were easy, and I think they are cute.  The strapping was the most expensive part of the whole project.  Of course, since Mickey himself made it he feels the need to charge $6 a yard, and I needed 4 yards, but thank goodness for 50% off coupons. 

Here's the little autograph books I made.  I used a paper plate that I cut on the front.  Bought some black cardstock and some bright colored scrapbook paper.  I sewed the pages onto the cardstock for sturdiness. 
I could have made them more detailed but figured since the kids are so young the books wouldn't hold up.  I think we will go back and add photos to the pages and maybe a few embellishments after our trip. 
I've been reading books about Disney World.  I'm such a planner and scheduler but I've never been.  Anyone have any tips for us .... I need all the help I can get. 

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