Thursday, April 1, 2010

Here, There, & Everywhere

I've been list obcessed lately.  My weekly to-do list which gets a ton a attention on Mondays then seems not much happens until Saturday when I look at it again and then do a bunch more on Sunday to feel like I actually have some things I can cross off.  Making lists of things for our Disney vacation: what to buy, what to pack, what we are doing. 

Thinking of how lucky I am and how easy we have it.  My friend, Candi, whose 3 year old is at Mayos while they try to figure out why she is sleeping 20+ hours a day and still not rested and why her motor skills are continually declining. 

Tons of tests, uprooting their whole family (they have 3 little ones), the unknown problem, worry, worry, worry.  I hope the reason why she is so sick is discovered soon so a solution can be put into place.  And my friend, Sue, who I used to teach with ... her husband was the victim of a hit and run last week while he was riding a bike. 
He's had a ton of surgeries for broken bones and various other things.  The man that hit him has been arrested and I just hope Doug recovers quickly.  When I start feeling sorry for myself or annoyed with the kids .... I put myself right back to being thankful for all that I have at this moment.

The house hunt is on.  We went to an open house last weekend.  I loved it.  It was old and had hardwood floors and built ins and 4 bedrooms and the perfect little spot for a scrapbook space and this awesome walk up attic that Aaron already had remodeled in his head.  The price was superb and it had a nice little yard that was fenced in.  The main problem not in the school district we are currently in.  Switching school districts isn't out of question or the end of the world but I feel like I might start to hyperventilate when I start to think about it.  With Ethan's special needs and both Aaron and I familar with the teachers and staff because he went there and I used to teach there, it just feels safer right now.  We've found several houses in the same town we love at great prices but our next house is our last house so unless our realtor has the super power of picking up a house and plopping it down in our school district we aren't going anywhere too soon.

I've been scrapbooking up a storm lately.  Fitting in here and there.  Trying to use up some of my kits I've bought.  I love doing it so much.  Cleaned up my space a while back .... so much easier when I have space to work.

The kids are on spring break.  I have projects and excursions planned, keeping them busy is important so there's less fighting and they are really tired at bedtime.

Maybe I'll get back to blogging ... it's on my list everyday .... I have lots to share and say but getting it done is another story.

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