Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Currently I have 2 or 3 (depending on how ambitious I am tonight) scrapbook projects to make tonight for gifts. Then I have 12 SEWING projects to do for Christmas. Fortunately all those gifts won't be given until January 1st when we celebrate with my side of the family so I have extra time. However, next week is booking up fast so the more I get done before the 25th the better off I am. So far this week I have created 9 scrapbook gifts, baked treats for our neighbors, and hosted a gingerbread party today. Most of our gifts aren't wrapped either. I did manage to mail or deliver all the gifts that needed to go. I really have a lot to do ... I should be stressed but I am rather calm. I haven't had any breakdowns. I also have only had 8 hours sleep in the last 2 days (3 on Sunday night and 5 on Monday night). I really do love giving handmade gifts ... hope my recipients enjoy getting them. I do wish I would start earlier on them. I am enjoying this Christmas season just as much as last year's. Mostly I think it has to do with keeping a positive attitude and listening to Christmas music on pandora during dinner or it could be that I am completely delirious at this point.

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