Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What I've been up to

Things have been happening around here.  With four kids there's always a million things going on and with upcoming Halloween and all 4 kids having birthdays in November, there's lots to do right  now.  I like to start projects as I've said before .... the finishing part I'm not so good on.  I also have a short attention span so I must have about 10 ongoing projects plus I find if I sit down without anything to do .... I fall asleep no matter what.  Here's what We've been up to lately:

We went to pumpkin patch/apple orchard with Aunt Ashley and the cousins last weekend.  It was a nice day, almost hot and we had fun.

 Our friend, Trudy, gave the kids a ride on the four wheeler.  They thought this was a blast.

 Mallory let the kids go a couple rounds in the combine while she was picking corn.  The girls would have done this all day.  They miss Mallory since she started her teaching gig, we don't get to see her as often.
 Here's the current BIG project:  our pantry/laundry room.  It's really small.  But we are on week 3 of all that stuff that was on the shelves scattered about the house.  I am painting and it seems to be taking a long time even though it just might be the smallest room on earth.

The kids and I have been enjoying the nice weather.   One day when they didn't have school we played at the park for a while.
Aaron and I took a weekend trip alone to Springfield, ccourtesy of Aaron's parents.  I think it was the first time since we've had kids that we went away on our own.   It was so nice.  I thought it was cool that the hotel had robes and yes, I used mine.  Actually I could have just went to the hotel, put on the robe, and stayed in bed the whole time.

 I went with the kids' kindergarten classes to the pumpkin patch.  It was fun.  It's fun to go on field trips when you're not the teacher.

My days seemed to filled with paint rollers, paint cans,  and paint brushes.  I don't mind painting but I just wish it would be one of those things you could start and finish in one (or even two) days.

 We celebrated PaPa's 60th birthday with a pizza party.  It was a good time and nice that the whole family could get together.

One of the many birthday party projects I got going.  There's a pinata that's ready to paint too and many more things on the list to still make.

The kids' Halloween costumes are just about finished .... I have to start Aaron's and mine but I think they are turning out really great for homemade costumes.  I'm trying to only use sutff I have on hand or from resale/thrift stores.  So far, so good.



You guys have been busy! I am always impressed with what you can accomplish and create. I need lessons! :) I wish I had made Landon's cake, but a woman from Roseville did it. It was wonderful! We should get the girls together to play sometime or would that be too much drama?!? ;)

AntonyLim said...

Fantastic photo.

Keely said...

Can't wait to see your costumes! I'm sure they will be great (as always).