Sunday, October 17, 2010

For Paul

Last weekend when we went to Dad's farm, we stopped to see our favorite neighborhood farmer, Paul.  He said he was test driving a BIG combine and that we should take the kids out to see it.
 He wasn't kidding when he said it was big.  My kids look like little ants in front of this massive machine.

 We let them crawl all the way up too.  I believe it has all the "options". 

Then in usual fashion someone had to take a potty break in the field.  At least we travel with a potty.  Hopefully the traffic on the road didn't take too much notice of the large family who pulled their van into an open field in front of a brand new combine with one kid sitting on a potty.  I'm almost certain Paul wouldn't mind.

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Ashley said...

Blaine liked the combine but was disappointed in the color. He looked at the picture and said "BOO"! Then he said I care about the picture because my cousins are in it! Uncle Steve wishes you lived closer so they could ride with him. Next time you all are over he will have to get the tractors out! Great pictures!