Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Eye, Eye, Eye-Eye

*Eye almost have the birthday invites finished for the almost 6 years olds (the above pic gives a glimpse)
*Eye am still working on Halloween costumes but 6 all are either completed or very close
*Eye finally put up our Halloween decor items on Sunday .... I really didn't even want to but was glad I did after the kids were so excited.  We started our Halloween advent tree .... thank goodness it's only a week long.
*Eye am in the middle of changing out summer to winter clothes ... 3 kids done, 1 to go.  It's so much more challenging when kids are in-between sizes .... so many decisions to make.
*Eye have a sick husband at home today ... not sure what his exact ailment is ...  he's been asleep ALL DAY.
*Eye am making beef stew for dinner .... hopefully the husband is hungry by then as I doubt the kids will eat it.
*Eye wish my bedroom and my basement would become self-cleaning .... the clutter is unbelievable.
*Eye had to walk around the neighborhood this morning is my PJs as the hurricane force winds knocked both our giant (96 gallon) recycle bins over.  I didn't find much of our stuff so my neighbors are loving us right now.
*Eye think my kids are pretty great but lately they're fighting is at an all-time high.
*Eye think I'll enjoy the peace and quiet until the kids come home from school and Reese gets up from her nap.

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