Monday, September 13, 2010

This day

I spent the weekend celebrating Grammy's birthday, having a sisters' day out, and working on the farm.  It was a busy and fun weekend.

Here's some of my "finds" from garage sale/thrift store shopping.
I have a dual purpose for most of these items that involve a birthday party and my laundry room ... what a combo!

I filled up Dad's truck with hog shed shingles once. 

Once by yourself takes a long time especially when you are interrupted every 5 minutes by crying children.  Their cousins keep them busy when they come to the farm .... but when it's just us there's so much fighting.

Reese has croup again.  Last winter, I think she had it at least 4 times so here we go again.  I let it go for about a week thinking she'd get better or when I'd go into her bedroom at night I find that 100 lb dog that was barking so much.  She didn't get better and I never did see that dog, so we went to the doctor today to get a round of steroids.

I made this Pioneer Woman recipe for dinner:  Beer-Braised Beef.  It was pretty good ... although I think next time I'd do it in the crock pot.

I love May Flaum's philosophy on a minimum of 10 creative minutes a day with keep your creative muscles in shape.  Sometimes weeks or months go by where I don't do anything creative.  I can find 10 minutes a day.

I am finishing by Daily December Album from 2008
When Keely was here on Saturday, I think I dug out about 5 unfinished projects.  So I am going to start finishing some of these projects even if I just work on them 10 minutes a day.

I start substitute teaching this week.  I threw my name in the hat at the kids' school.  So this week I have 2-1/2 days (all in a row) to start.  I'm not too nervous about it.  I don't think I'll be eaten alive or locked in a closet but you never know.  It's been over 6 years since I've taught ....I hope it's like riding a bike.

I'm really into Miranda Lambert and her song "Airstream".  Life hasn't been all that kind to me lately and even though I'm not really a big camper I could totally see myself camping in a vintage airstream.  We've camped at Dad's farm quite a few times this summer ... in a tent ... in a sleeping bag ... on the ground.   My brother-in-law, John, borrowed his parents pop-up camper this weekend and camped out there with Aaron.  I didn't stay in it but it's quite the upgrade from a tent.  I would love to own a vintage camper like this:
How fun do they look?   I imagine they are just as neat on the inside as the outside.  I'm also sure the price tag is pretty neat too.  But boy I really would love to take a break from everything for a while in one of these .... maybe someday I'll live like a gypsy in one of these.



My ringtone on my cellphone is Airstream! I love that song, too, and she has a lot of good songs on her revolution cd. Anyway, just thought I would share. :) Good luck with teaching!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for having us over to celebrate mom's birthday! We had fun! I love the glass bottles/jars that you found!