Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hiding out

I'm hiding out in my bedroom right now.  At 4:30 pm I really cannot take one more request, cry, whine, fit, beg, scream, fight, or mess.  These kids have been quite the "gems" the last 2 days .... yesterday they spent time with Grammy and PaPa and I don't know what their deal is but I had to announce after 2 hours of being home with them that next week they would not be doing their Grammy Day because of their behavior (I did not mention that Grammy is not available to have them over next week, but they don't need to know that).  It continues today with wildness at the eye doctor, where the doc said Addison didn't have to patch anymore at this time; however, he just shakes his head and says we have a lot going on here.  I ask if surgery is in her future ... no, she's already had eye muscle surgery and everything that could be done probably was so we just keep checking every 3 months .....  hmmm.
Yes, it's raining again and people are upset they can't swim .... when I explain you can't swim in thunderstorms, I am told that it's not raining.  whatever.    Who are these people?  Does their brain start and stop working throughout the day?
I have been trying since Monday to clean up .... impossible.  As soon as I pick up anything, 14 more messes are made.
I listened to Ethan scream the word "APPLE!" at the library for an hour.  Did I mention our library is the size of our bathroom?
I would just like togo to sleep right now until morning.  Not going to happen. Probably should see my hubby today since it's our 9th anniversary.  Celebrating tomorrow, we even have a babysitter.  Need to make my friend, Kim, a camera strap too.  So maybe I will hide upstairs in my bedroom sewing and cleaning afterall.  Next 2 days I plan on spending fun time with the kids .... hopefully I can stand it, if not I may be back to hiding out.

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