Sunday, January 23, 2011

My scrap space

I'm on an organizing spree.  Seriously ..... one of my goals for this month was to touch EVERYTHING in my bedroom.  I know that sounds weird but our bedroom is the place where many things go when I don't know what to do with them or don't want the kids to mess with them.  Our bedroom is a decent size but not so much when it's stuffed full of clutter.  So I wanted to go through EVERYTHING in there.  I don't have a long attention span for big projects so one area a day:  one drawer, one surface, one whatever.  I've kept up.  I've gottten rid of a lot of things.  My scrap space is in our bedroom.  I know .... people are gasping but I actually like it there. 
We have a little spot with a window ... it was big enough for Reese's crib and when she moved out, I moved in. It's 4 feet long and 5 feet wide, yes, very small.  It's tight I have a table that we discovered in Dad's attic a stool to sit on.

This is a little piano bench across from where I'm sitting that holds some items waiting to be put away or used.
Underneath that piano bench is this paper rack.  I made this from this idea.  I like it.
I bought these stacked drawers for my embelllishments at Target.  It's not pretty but it does the job.  It sits right next to my stool and I keep my most used tools and things I would take to a crop (if I ever went to one) in that bag.

This is the drawer in the table.  Some fun stuff in here.
A lot of stuff stored under the table including another paper rack and a set of 3 plastic drawers.  Keeping things labeled helps me find it easier.
I have another stack of the Target drawers for embellishments under my sewing table.  Keeping my sewing machine out all the time has been life changing for me in sewing and scrapbooking ..... I probably use my sewing machine every single day .... before when I had to drag it out I wouldn't I hate doing that.  My sewing table is around the corner from my scrap desk. 
This is part of the top of the table.  Seeing this reminds me that I have to go through some more stuff.  That's an old drawer I bought and turned on it's side.  I love my frame inspiration board although it needs to get cleaned off too.
I love old jars and other containers to keep some stuff handy.  I think it's true that you will use more of your stuff if you see it rather than in a drawer. But since my space is limited I just have to rotate or limit what can be out.
More stuff out on the table.  I have photos in that blue breadbox.

When we drywalled our bedroom a few years ago, we discovered this empty space so we put shelves in.  They are perfect for some canvas bins and hold thickers, paint, chipboard pieces in bags, and my punches.
Someday I would love to have a little more space to spread out and more vintage looking containers but until then it works for me and my goal of scrapping 10 minutes a day has been productive.
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Penny Smith said...

Thanks Mindy! LOVE all the little containers! And that frame is FABULOUS! And that TABLE! Awesome!

baby crib said...

I miss my scrap pace! It has been a long time since I decided to clean it.

Penny Smith said...

HEY! Where ya been?? Miss you!

lampard said...

Thank you all very beautiful nice article

S Glup said...

LOVE your blog and your scrap space looks fun to create in...TFS
I want to share an award with you, "The versatile blogger", please go to my blog to pick it up along with the rules;0)
Sheri G